The following article was written and posted by Dana Tunney on the Live2RocknRoll blog

During the 8 weeks since I have started this blog I have been relishing in the meeting of local musicians and being able talk to them about their music. The inspirations of what drives them to be musicians, creating sounds and lyrics that affects the mind, body and soul is indeed a heart-warming gratification. This post takes me to a new genre or should say multi-genre. I invite you to join me in venturing into a rabbit hole also known as Lucid After Life, once you experience their multi-paths of music styles you will be left wondering like Alice in Wonderland waking up and saying “It was a curious dream”, but then she skips off thinking that  – for a strange moment – what a wonderful dream it was.

Lucid After Life  is more than a music band, its part spiritual revival, part theatre, part music festival that can’t be classified as one genre, their broad sound covers rap, heavy metal, spoken word, with a touch of hip hop vibe. It really is like going to a music festival and hearing a collaboration of genres, there’s something for everybody. That’s the beauty of music, the rabbit hole with it’s many paths it leads to new discoveries into our human psyche awaking our subconscious to look at reality and see what is really important to our existence. Nat Jack is a very charismatic front man or possibly a shaman, his preamble includes a visual connection with the audience, his gaze seeks to draw you in to fill you with his essence and invites you to open your mind and feel the music.

This post really began last summer, even before I knew I was going to start a blog. I attended Rock the Dock music festival coordinated by Nat Jack, it was a two day event with a fantastic array of local bands including one of my many favourites, Dead City Scandal. Festivals in Vancouver or anywhere in BC are catered more to the main stream music heard on terrestrial radio and rock music is treated like the rebellious step child that families are oblige to acknowledge, but don’t like to take anywhere. I think these families secretly wish they were more like that rebellious child who has the guts to stand up and live for their beliefs instead of conforming to an ever growing oppressive society that is trying to squash freedom of expression and individual creativity. Rock music is truth and like Jack Nicolson’s character Col. Nathan R Jessep  in the movie A Few Good Men says “You can’t handle the truth”, or Lawrence Fishburne’s character Morpheus in The Matrix “You take the blue pill and the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” The Rock the Dock festival was a showcase of Vancouver’s rabbit hole music scene, one such pathway is Lucid After Life who have a truly unique poetic style. Nat had contacted me about a month ago to come see Lucid After Life at the Hindenburg on West Cordova, recalling what I felt seeing them back in August I said yes to the red pill, I’ll be there.

A Lucid After Life show can make you feel as though you are partaking in a cosmic spiritual carpet ride, a Lucy In the sky with diamonds moment. Your mind opens and is ready to receive the secrets of the universe. That’s what music does to us, it takes us to a place where we are free to enjoy this nirvana of pure freedom and happiness sensation in our soul, all that negative vibe of this toxic world dematerialises. Lucid After Life is a more like a musical theatre, it tells a story of how to over come despotic beings , there’s a cast of characters, on drums Matt Shearlaw AKA The Hammer, lead guitarist Dyego Avila who moved from Mexico to Vancouver with his impressive riffs and licks and Kyle Arellano with his enthralling groovy style and then there’s the Retarded Owl who takes centre stage during the performance, it’s a journey of self discovery with no limits other than what you put on yourself.
Lucid After Life music sounds like the type of music that Allen Kovac’s new label Better Noise is about. I have been following his record label Eleven Seven Music, on twitter and facebook for almost a year now. This label has some of Rock musics finest talent; Motley Crue, Escape The Fate, Nothing More, Papa Roach, Hell Yeah and their General Manager Rose Slanic, who I think has the coolest job in the music business. Mr. Kovac has now created a sister label, Better Noise, here is a link to an article written by Christa Titus for Billboard regarding the launch of Better Noise,
Mr. Kovac’s new label represents bands that are a bit to the left of centre. I believe If or when Mr. Kovac comes to visit Vancouver he will witness our style of left of centre bands, such as Lucid After Life and experience the vivacious ride of what Vancouver has to offer the world with it’s multi- genre music that clearly is just Better Noise.