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Originallly posted By Jacqueline Cassell on www.entertwine.net

Could you tell us a bit more about your musical background? What is the significance of your moniker?

We never have an interview where we are not asked about the name Lucid AfterLife. Lucid AfterLife has many meanings and most of them I prefer to let people think of for themselves. Within this name holds the key to many mystical mysteries and is the primordial riddle we all hold within our wonder… and it sounds dope.

What has been your experience with the music scene of Vancouver, Canada? What is it like living in Vancouver?

Out of all the cities we play in Canada Vancouver is very special, there is an immense energy that circulates between the band and the crowd here, it is magic at the highest degree, you will feel it deep inside you. Vancouver is an amazing place to live, the mountains will inspire you, the diversity will culture you and there is so many great bands in this city it will blow your mind. We are playing a free show on December 13th at the Waldorf Hotel as a way to give back to the city, we are just asking people to donate winter socks for those who need them, it does get cold up here.

What can you tell us about the After Life in the Flesh DVD?

AfterLife In The Flesh is a project being developed by film maker Dale Villajuan and it’s gonna be rad! It his attempt to take the unmatchable energy of a Lucid AfterLife concert and bring it to you to experience in the comfort of your own home. Dale has been following the band since we first started hitting the stage about a year ago and is fact working on a full documentary of the band. The DVD will be available on December 13th, we are only making 250 copies so it’s a super limited edition.

What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your EP “Meltdown”?

The Meltdown EP was exactly that, an alchemical meltdown of each individual member into a new entity, becoming one as a band, becoming Lucid AfterLife. The majority of the songs came initially from out of body experiences in the case even of the track Aerophbia the guitar riff came from a dream as well. I wish we could have spent more time on the production but we got some great tracks and did what we aimed out to do and that’s get something out there, a small taste of what we have brewing in our lab.

What does 2015 hold in store for Lucid AfterLife? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled? Do you have any plans to record and release a full-length album?

2015 looks to be a busy year for us, very busy. We will be touring across the Great White North promoting our new record scheduled for release in March and have stared work on a few new Music videos too, we’re excited. We have a lot of great shows booked with a lot of great bands including our CD release in March with our comrades Contrasound. Dates for the Spring tour should be available soon.