Who We Are

The international live sensation Lucid AfterLife is a groove driven poetry machine, drawing elements of classic rock, metal & R&B to create a unique sound that can only be described as heavy mellow. The Lucid AfterLife project is the brainchild of entertainer, songwriter and astral traveller Nat Jack.

Poetry is a main theme in the strange archetypical world of Lucid AfterLifes music. Nat Jack illuminates the stage and studio with an ever changing arrangement of musicians… no show is ever the same, no moment can be calculated. A Lucid AfterLife experience is a cerebral one.

“(Lucid AfterLife) are Known for their genre-bending sound, which mixes metal, hip-hop, and spoken word, among others. The four-piece is revered for their live theatrical performances, consistently captivating audiences on tours across North America.”

Van City Buzz

With a sound as eclectic as the themes within its imagination driven walls, the Vancouver hailing Lucid AfterLife Project has earned loyal attention and support at home and across the globe. They have played with top grade bands of all genres including Metal, Rock & Hip Hop (Ill Nino, Bobaflex, Stonebolt, Snak The Ripper & ONYX to name a few).

Lucid AfterLife have 3 official records including their debut EP “Meltdown” (2014), their self produced LP “I AM” (2015) and their most recent EP release “Occult Mafia Mistress” (2016). Lucid AfterLife have worked in studio with Dave Stone (Rainbow) had features from chart ranking vocalists such as Merkules and most recently Skip Saylor ( Elton John, Eminem).


Nat Jack

Lead Vocals

What We Play

Lucid Afterlife incorporates so many different genres they are almost a genre of their own. They are heavy at times but mellow when it’s needed.

With their singers deep penetrating vocals, it always raises hairs when they switch to a freestyle rap jam – it blows away crowds when they find out the whole song was spur of the moment.

Where We Play

After multiple successful tours across Western Canada, Lucid AfterLife has been given increased support by the media, having their songs played on the radio on multiple stations across the nation.

Hands down there is no band out there like Lucid AfterLife and when you see them you will be elucidated.

“Building a name as one of the most amazing live bands in Canada is a serious goal for the Lucid boys and few to none who have seen a show will disagree that they are earning a name in the ranks.”

Music Crowns